Love Art Park Grand Opening

Love Art Park
Love Art Park
Love Art Park

Love Art Park Grand Opening 23rd – 25th October

Love Art Park is a Modern Open Air Sculpture Park and Art Museum.

It covers an area of 49,000 m2 and has hundreds of body sculptures and installations set in a beautiful landscape. All the sculptures have been designed and made by professional artists and reflect the beauty and sentiment of the human body in an erotic and humorous way. Visitors interact with the sculptures, often for photographs that will be shared through online social media.

All the sculptures have been created in collaboration with professional Korean sculptors over the last two years. Throughout the park the sculptures are set in beautiful landscapes with spectacular views including ponds and fountains that create a sense of freedom and beauty. The goal is to add around another 50 sculptures created by world class artists.

There will also be an art gallery, concert hall, cafeteria and art shop. Also there will be a live café, restaurant, childcare centre, video arcade and conference room for conventions.

Love Art Park has been created by Siam World Art.Co.,Ltd. The company dreams of the popularization of art so many people can enjoy art together. The CEO OF SWA is an experienced sculptor, who planned the project and runs the installations and exhibition areas. How art contributes to society is what matters to SWA. Art helps people to communicate and understand each other.
Love Art Park

The Love Art Park is located on the east side of Pattaya around 3 kms off the Sukhumvit Road. You will pass Mimosa on your left and Ocean Marina on your right before turning onto a sign posted road. It’s on the same road as Phoenix Golf course, the last main turning before you get to highway 331.

The Grand opening of Love Art Park is scheduled to take place over a three day weekend from Friday 23rd until Sunday 25th October. The park is rather large and has ample parking for coaches, cars and bikes.

During the long opening weekend, there will be ten professional photographers on site to help you with creating some wonderful photo art! This is how art contributes to society, and it is what SWA mind to achieve ‘Arttainment’ of SWA will lead trapped art in small gallery to the wide garden.

For more information on Love Art Park please visit there website here…

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