Paradise Agogo “Nam’s Virgin White Party”

Paradise Agogo “Nam’s Virgin White Party”

Nam at Paradise Agogo wanted a virgin white party, so there will be lots of virgin’s right?

Ok, it’s meant to be a bit of fun… All the girls will be wearing very small and revealing sexy white outfits, so they won’t be virgins for much longer!

There will be Free Food and plenty of action at the most fun party in town this Tuesday night!

Paradise Agogo has become one of the main go to Agogo bars on LK Metro. With no expense in refurbishing costs spared, this venue of fun re-opened just over a year ago.

Open daily from 7pm until very late, Paradise Agogo is a large double shop house property with double rows of very comfortable luxury seating, with a black, white and chrome interior décor.

Paradise Agogo

The atmosphere here is great and the air conditioning sets the perfect temperature for a night of fun for you and 30 to 35 of the hottest coyote dancers in town working. These girls are simply gorgeous and great movers too! There are 8 lit dancing poles on the central stage, so you get plenty of eye candy to watch whilst you’re drinking your ice cold beer!

Choose Life, choose Paradise.

For more information on Paradise Agogo please visit there official business listing here…

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