Rompho Bars Raise Funds For The Children Of Father Ray Foundation

Rompho Bars Raise Funds For The Children Of Father Ray Foundation

A selection of bars in the Rompho Market Complex and surrounding area, got together to raise funds for a Pattaya orphanage by arranging a pool competition.

The owners of the bars came up with the venture, initially to attract customers on a Saturday evening, in a fun league, where people of all skills could take part and not worry about the outcome of the matches. It was planned purely as a social event and largely to have a night out.

However, one member from Paradise Bar, suggested that they did the competition in such a way that they would collect money for charity. All the bars agreed and the Father Ray Foundation would be the charity to reap the benefits.

The idea of the competition sprung from a conversation that Marc of Champions Bar and JP from Devil’s Ballroom had. From that initial discussion, they went on to invite other bars to participate, which is when John from Paradise Bar suggested the charitable connection.

The competition is in its third term after two previous successful rounds were concluded. As a result, the players involved, raised over 30,000 baht, which is due to be handed over to the charity in the form of gifts, which they requested on the foundation’s website.

The bars owners have a truly international feel about them, as you can tell from the list of venues and home country of the owners below.

Champions Bar (French)

Devil’s Ballroom (Canadian)

Rum Dum Bar (Originally New Zealand but now owned by an English man)

Piss Bar (German)

Paradise Bar (Dutch)

RB Roadhouse (Australian)

The owners and players have been magnificent so far with the funds they have raised but the charity needs much more help.

The items purchased with the collected funds include basics such as rice, sugar, salt, oil, detergents, soap, toothpaste and many other items that most of us take for granted.

The bar owners will meet with representatives of the Father Ray Foundation, along with eight of the children to present them with their gifts. The youngsters will receive a snack and a soft drink at the presentation, which will be held at Paradise Bar in the Rompho Market Complex, Jomtien, Pattaya.

Anyone wishing to attend should be at Paradise Bar on Wednesday, December 6th at 16:30.

What started out as a way of bringing people together as a social event, in the participating bars, has produced a fantastic end result, which we at Love Pattaya Thailand, hope grows to become a regular and successful fund raising event.

Well done to all the venues, proprietors and players who took part.

Some information about the orphanage and the Father Ray Foundation:

Father Ray Brennan, was a catholic priest who grew up in Chicago, USA in tough times back in the depression of the1930s. Father Ray was sent to Thailand, a year before he was ordained. He was posted to Sri Ratcha, where he studied the Thai language.

After many years spent in Isan and Laos, he was asked to work in a small fishing village known as Pattaya, and so he moved here to continue his work. It was during the year of 1970, that a life changing event occurred. A struggling mother brought a baby to him, saying her husband had deserted her and she could not feed or support the child. He agreed to take the child into his care.

More children appeared during the Vietnam war for one reason or another and word soon got around regarding the wonderful work he was undertaking, looking after unwanted children. He began a crusade to provide orphans or neglected children a home, where they would be clothed and nourished. Many of the kids were abused and in desperate need of help.

The success of his venture permitted him to not only care for these children but he began educating them, so they could live better lives as adults.

He continued to work with the children until his death on the 16th of August 2003. His funeral was one of the largest that Pattaya has ever witnessed, with the King of Thailand sending a case of royal soil, which was buried with Father Ray – apparently this is one of the highest forms of recognition any person can receive in Thailand. In the lead up to the funeral, distraught children slept on the ground where his coffin lay.

Now – the orphanage that Father Ray began all those years ago, looks after 850 youngsters, who without the foundations help, would lose so much.

Interested In Taking Part?

During the low season, it can become difficult to find players to take part every week in the charity competition. Anyone interested in helping a very good cause should contact the respective bars for details.

If you wish to make a donation to the Father Ray Foundation or discover some of the wonderful work they do, see their website listed below.

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