The Cove Pub Christmas Eve Dinner

The Cove Pub Christmas Eve Dinner

The Cove Pub Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas and Invites You to Join Them This Christmas Eve at 19:00 for a fun start to the festivities.

6 PEOPLE ONLY 3199 Baht!          

  • Bavarian Style Ham
  • 1 Kg of Chicken Wings in Honey Sauce
  • Six Bowls of Greek Salad
  • 1 Bottle of Champagne
  • Cold Cuts
  • Battered Onion Rings
  • Squid Rings
  • Two Servings of French Fries
  • Fruit Platter

There will also be live music and a Cove Pub party wouldn’t be the same without a beer drinking contest or two! Plus there’s a great present giving game to be played. The rules are you buy a wrapped present for 500 Baht and give it to someone you have just met at the dinner party and they give you what they have bought! It all sounds like a lot of fun!

The Cove Pub is located on Thappraya Road next to the Hanuman Statue. This is a very large Pub & Restaurant that offers the biggest variety of imported Craft and Draught beers in Pattaya. All the beers are served fresh, at the correct temperature and are all award winners in their home countries.

For more information on The Cove Pub please visit there official business listing here…

3,199 BTH
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1,799 BTH
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