Thrilla in Manila At Outback Sports Bar and Restaurant

Thrilla in Manila

Anyone who has a love for boxing will enjoy this event, which is hosted by the Outback Sports Bar and Restaurant near Lake Map Phrachan.

On Thursday 21st of September, 2017, the venue is offering a night of boxing nostalgia feature the late great Muhammed Ali and his life story.

This is followed by the entire fight known as the “Thrilla in Manila” where Ali met another boxing legend Joe Frazier. The two greats met for their third and final time
in Philippines capital, Manila.

Their first meeting was way back in March 1971, when champion Frazier defeated the then undefeated Ali over 15 rounds to retain his belt at Madison Square Gardens,
New York.

The rematch, took place in January 1974 when neither held the world title. Ali won that one in controversial circumstances, with many claiming the referee favoured
Ali but yet others said he was very much in the Frazier camp. This fight also took place in New York.


Their third and final meeting in Manila, is the one on show at the event. It took place in October, 1975 and if you haven’t seen it before you are in for a treat.

The event commences at 19:00 but it is advisable to arrive early.


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