The “world championship” Ladyboy Water Volleyball Competition

The “world championship” Ladyboy Water Volleyball Competition

It’s that time of year again folks as one of Thailand’s most unusual and most popular events descends on Pattaya on November 11, that’s right of course were talking about the “world ChampionshipLadyboy Water Volleyball contest!

In what will be its 6 th year this year the no doubt soon to be sold out charitable event will be held at the Arica Lodge on Soi Diana and has rapidly become a fiercely competitive fun day in the glorious Pattaya sunshine.

Five teams of transgender combatants will compete in the competition where they will all have to face each other before one team eventually will emerge victorious.

The event is raising money for three charities this year, the Pattaya Orphanage, the Glory Hut Foundation and the Pakse Medical Centre.

The five teams taking part are as follows.

1 – The White Sharks sponsored by the New Bar

2 – The Green Hornets sponsored by Katoeys r US,

3 – The Black Scorpions sponsored by Lita Bar,

4 – The Pink Panthers, independent entry from Chon Buri,

5 – The golden Eagles sponsored by the Why Not Bar In Bangkok.



After the sporting spectacle has concluded there will be an evening of entertainment afterwards with awards for local charity’s handed out and prizes for the winning team and an auction.

The event starts at 12pm with a DJ providing some amazing music throughout the contest and the evening entertainment is scheduled to run from 7pm to 9pm.

Ticket information can be found online.

So why not come and experience for yourself one of Pattaya’s unique sporting events first hand.

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