Ban Chang Events

Loi Krathong 2017
November 3, 2017
Loi Krathong 2017 On November 3rd 2017, the annual Loi Krathong celebrations take place, which in Pattaya means, thousands of people descending on the beaches and lakes to launch their decorative baskets to honour the river spirits. The baskets are usually crafted from leaves or bread, decorated, have an incense stick, small candle and a...
Sexy Motorbike Wash
September 30, 2017
Got a Motorbike? Does it need a wash? Well why not take a day out to the Camel Pub and Restaurant in Ban Chang, near Rayong and have your machine hand washed by gorgeous babes with soapy sponges. The “Sexy Bike Wash” is a free event and they invite everyone from bike clubs to anyone...

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